Play the Big Carbon Footprint Game!

How to Shrink the Big, Dark, Carbon Footprint by Earning Stickers for
Being a Carbon Footprint Super-Hero
Make the carbon on the Big Foot disappear under our stickers!

Dear All Souls!

Earn your climate reduction stickers in the Big Carbon Footprint Game – Starting March, 2017

More and more people today know that climate change is real, is caused by people, and is hurting people and the web of life right now. We know that our actions as individuals, families, congregations, businesses – and yes, even governments – can make a difference. Now we with

Green Souls, with joyful spirits, will share ways to be a part of this important work together.

Bring your hearts and laughter to this game of sharing and learning – What steps have you already taken to reduce your carbon footprint? And what else can you do today, this week, to reduce it just a little more? You will receive stickers to record our efforts and we’ll challenge each other with ideas for ways to obtain more stickers by pledging new actions.

Take a pledge for climate savings actions in the focused areas of Food and Water; Home Energy Use; Transportation; and Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Activities will be available for adults, children and families with your earnings displayed on our HUGE carbon footprint in Pierce Hall.

The Green Souls Environmental Committee looks forward to playing this game with you!

If you have any questions, please contact Susan Rogers at


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