A Message from Susan Rogers, All Souls Witness at Standing Rock

Dearest All Souls Members–

Your hearts were with me on this most inspiring journey.  The beloved community of Standing Rock – thousands of different Native American tribe members and their guests (i.e., Veterans and non-indigenous allies) – were resolute, passionate and prayerful in their objective.  Despite the harshest of conditions, I continued to witness loving relations among people whose dual purpose was to serve each other and the larger cause of justice.  Below are blog entries of this journey as well as pictures and videos for your viewing.

The Obama and Army Corp of Engineers decision to deny the DAPL permit was joyfully celebrated when I was at Standing Rock, as I know it was by all of you.  However, we know this victory will be challenged.  While corporate America has used its resources and lobbyists to try to buy elected public servants in the past, we are now entering an unprecedented era in our country.  We are faced with a president-elect and cabinet of corporate pariahs, along with largely a supportive legislature, who will need no ‘middle men’ to shape ‘public’ policy and use our hard earned tax dollars to more nimbly reap higher corporate profits at the expense of the 99%.

In these extraordinary times, much will be expected of us.  If you have not been a foot soldier in the past, I ask you to please dust off your armor and join the battle ahead of us.  If it’s one thing I learned at Standing Rock, this means engaging in a prayerful, heart-centered battle which All Souls is so good at doing.

At Green Souls we lead the charge in mobilizing our congregation to save the planet for future generations.  This is no small task and we ask you to prayerfully join us. While this may mean joining actions to hold back fossil fuel pipelines (i.e., Dakota Access Pipeline, Keystone Pipeline, a number of pipelines closer to us on the east coast), to ban fracking, and to hold to our country’s obligations under the COP 21 Paris agreement on global climate change, it also involves being a foot soldier in mobilizing our church and its members to reduce individual carbon footprints and addressing other local environmental issues.  We look forward to working with you – please look for our announcements in the church bulletins and join our listserv by contacting the two Co-Chairs of Green Souls:  Susan Rogers, GJPgroup@yahoo.com and Cathy Tortorici, Tortorici260@gmail.com


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