Green Souls – 7th Principle Mission:

Educate, inspire and create opportunities to lead more environmentally sustainable, just and spirit-filled lives – individually and collectively through the life of this church and community. We seek to model this commitment for others and the wider world through transforming ourselves and the culture and operation of the church.


When you come to church on Sunday, Feb. 26 you will see a new item in the lobby of All Souls.  We have created a Big Carbon Footprint with promotional information on the Footprint Game that will be conducted at All Souls.   We are asking for your participation in promoting and helping with this game and getting our entire congregation involved in reducing its carbon footprint and saving our planet.  Volunteering will really be a lot of fun so please let us know if you’re interested.
On Sundays between March 12 and April 9 and April 23, people and families will be asked to come to a table at coffee hour to take part in the Footprint Game.  In short, each week will take on a new topic related to individuals reducing their carbon foot print as follows:
  • Sunday, March 12 – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
  • Sunday, March 19 – Food and Water
  • Sunday, March 26 – Transportation
  • Sunday, April 2 – Home Energy
  • Sunday, April 9 – Environmental Racism and Advocacy
  • Sunday, April 16 – no tabling, break week
  • Sunday, April 23 – Final opportunity for individuals to play the game on any of the topics above
We will need at least two volunteers to help with the game each week at coffee hour after both the 9:30 and 11:15 am services.  In addition, the Carbon Footprint game will be going on with our children in Religious Education (RE) classes so we are also looking for individuals who could spend a small amount of time working with the children. 
Green Souls members will have prepared all the materials for the Footprint Game and are asking you to volunteer for a specific Sunday at either the 9:30 am or 11:15 coffee hours during the Sundays listed above.   Please let us know if you can assist!   We can communicate with you about specific details.  In addition, we will be having a planning meeting after the second service on Feb.26 if you would like to attend.  Many Thanks!

Looking Ahead Toward 2017


We start 2017 without precedence. Our nation is now led by a group of individuals who, more than any administration in the past, have huge conflicts of interest with the public good. A main target will be our environment with national leaders in bed with the fossil fuel industry and preaching climate denial. But let’s not lose heart. The protection of our planet is supported by the vast majority of people in our country and the environmental/climate mobilization efforts have accomplished great things, a few of which are:

The fossil fuel divestment movement hit a new milestone of $5 trillion — that’s a doubling in divestment in the last year alone.

The first international agreement on reducing climate change was negotiated among 112 nations in Paris.

Renewables now account for more newly installed capacity than any other form of electricity in the world, including coal; the world’s biggest offshore wind farm received the go ahead for its second phase.

Global carbon emissions from fossil fuels did not grow at all in 2016.

United States and Canada announced a joint permanent ban on all offshore oil and gas activity in the Arctic.

Indigenous and non-indigenous came to together to defeat both the Keystone and the North Dakota Access Pipelines in the U.S.

Over 200 communities in Brazil have formally banned fracking.

4,000 activists shut down a coal mine in Germany; 2,000 activists helped cancel a coal-fired power plant in Turkey.

Our environmental victories in the U.S. are in severe jeopardy. They will need to be protected and our efforts doubled to not reverse all we have accomplished. To stay on course we will need to be in a prayerful, supportive community engaged in both individual carbon reduction activities as well as organized group activities. Get engaged in the Green Souls activities planned for 2017 and support our 7 th Principle: Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.

Please join us and shine a light on a dark time in our nation’s history.

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